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War is the continuation of politics by other means.
Carl von Clausewitz, 1780-1831



What each state would be called if we honored our native roots

 The very geography of the U.S. reflects how mercilessly our government crushed the over 500 indigenous groups who’d built societies, civilizations and raised generations of families long before Europeans invaded.

The map above is a good illustration of where these tribes once prospered. It supposes how the “lower 48” might have looked if current state territories mirrored the pre-Columbian names of the indigenous groups who lived in the vicinity.

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this map’s names are entirely incomplete (there’s over 550+ federally recognized tribes, tons of state recognized tribes, and plenty of landless tribes…. there’s well over 600+ tribes in the US alone) and each area would most likely be called by the tribal names or names that the tribal people called those areas of land. 

In the texas/oklahoma area, the caddo, comanche, and a few others are missing from the map. In the Washington area, (i’m not even sure who that is listed there) but that ought to be listed as Coast Salish (which covers a crap load of tribal nations which include Duwaumish, Nisqually, Squaxin Island [which in and of itself is 7 or so bands of folks together], Lummi, Snoqualmi, Puyallup, Muckleshoot, Skokomish, Snohomish, Quinalt, Quilute, etc).

Id like to see a map (for once) that actually lists every tribe on their traditional lands. I feel like if that was around and circulated that would def. give folks who still believe that this land (now known as the US) was pretty much empty pause cuz it would force them to get a small idea of how densely populated this place was (might def. make them realize that the genocide was and is real). 

"The first stage of grief is denial. The second is anger, of which perhaps some people are just beginning to scratch the surface." -paraphrase of Michael Ruppert in Collapse (2009 film), discussing economics and the collapse of human civilization. I think the analogy applies here: most of the people in power and of privilege in the United States are still in Stage One.


Tracking US drone strikes? Now there’s an app for that

Last week, New York-based web developer Josh Begley answered that question with the launch of “MetaData+,” an iPhone app that sends an alert to your phone every time the United States conducts a drone strike.

He created the app in 2012 under the original name Drones+, but Apple rejected the app five times, taking nearly two years for the app to be available to the public.

The App Review Board claimed that Begley’s app was “not useful or entertaining enough” and something that “many audiences would find objectionable.”

Begley even spoke with a representative from Apple on the phone, who said that if the app was about drones, it just wasn’t going to be approved. Finally, after he removed the word “drone” from both the name and the description, the app was accepted.

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Sinking Ferry. now, 286 people are missing from the sea, most of them are 17 years old high school students. I’m just praying…

South Korean Ferry Rescue Footage

We are not looking for a leader to rule us. We are looking for a conscience.

أصل يعنى هو أيه القائد ده ؟ يعنى اللى هيجبلى حلول نزله من السماء! .. مش هيجبلى حلول نازلة من السما , كل ما فى الموضوع ان أحنا لو قدرنا نخلق الضمير ده ف وسط المجتمع , أحنا هنجيب حد كويس .. أحنا مبندورش على قائد يحكمنا - أحنا بندور على ضمير

The Square (2013)